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iPod Shuffle Winner: As selected by Random.org, commenter #2, Rebecca Hines! I will be in touch to get your information, Rebecca! Congratulations!

One night last month while I lay in bed  “visiting” walls on Facebook (you can’t tell me you don’t go around “visiting” your friends’ walls late at night.  Sure, [you] might call it “stalking” but I call it “visiting”—whatevs!)    I went to one of my social media “boards” (I call them “boards”, but that’s because I’m an old school bulletin boarder.  Sure, they might be “groups”, but I’m calling them “boards” and you can’t stop me, but I digress.)   That’s when I saw a post from Stacie asking who was local to Atlanta and liked Moe’s (as in Moe’s Southwest Grill).
Ok, first thing’s first, you have to know how much my family loves Moe’s.   We’re in there, at least, one time a week.  Some weeks we are in there more.   We love our Moe’s crew, we love how relaxed we can be in there, and we love the food.
So, back to me in bed, iPad in hand, Stacie’s post on my Facebook “board”….
I didn’t even bother to answer the post, I went right to my message box and sent this:
“For serious, the Moe’s thing,.. I’m dying to know more!”
And, with that I was in.   I was to become part of the official Moe’s Blogger Advisory Council.
That weekend [we] were invited to go down to Moe’s where we met the head chef and all the executives.   It was amazing.   I already knew how awesome Moe’s was, but to really learn ( just. how. awesome.) all the good stuff they believe in and do was the icing on the cake (or should I say the queso on the chip?)
Seriously, did you know that Moe’s has a Food Mission which reads, “Moe’s Food Mission is to bring the highest quality ingredients to every guest, every day, everywhere.  We’re always focused on the best possible option – from vegetarian to low calorie ingredients to a variety of ingredients without rBGH, steroids, added preservatives or MSG.”
Now do you see why we eat there as much as we do?

Moe's Collage

It started with the new black dress that I got for $20.00.  I drove down to the Westin Perimter and met all the bloggers involved.  We had some cocktails (which for me was just club soda with lime since I was just coming back to life after having the bubonic plague), talked about ourselves a bit, and then we headed down to Moe’s where a special night was planned out just for us.    When we walked in were were greeted by the spectacular Moe’s executives including the CEO and their head chef.    Waiting for us was a chef jacket with our names on them.   We were all so seriously jazzed about them that it didn’t take long for each of us to put ours on as we prepared to be dazzled by the planned event.   We mingled, ate chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole, played with the Coke Freestyle machine, had a little friendly salsa competition (my team, aptly named ‘The Salsa Superstars’, totally won, yo!), and then we tried out some new items that Moe’s will be unveiling soon.   With our bellies happy and full of good stuff we each gave the burrito assembly line a roll (pun intended!)   So. Much. Fun.
I didn’t want the night to end, but I knew that I had to get home, digest all the food I had eaten,  and get some sleep.   The next morning Mikey and I would set off to Atlanta to meet our group for breakfast before heading to the World of Coca Cola, but I will have to tell you about that in my next post.


For now, I wanted to share some swag!  Moe’s gave me a 2 GB iPod Shuffle.  In our house we all have iDevices, so I wanted to share this with one of my lucky readers.   All you have to do to be entered to win is tell me what you order when you go to Moe’s!   And, don’t worry if you don’t have a Moe’s.  If you don’t, all you have to do is visit their Food Menu online, and tell me what you would order if you could!
The giveaway will end on Cinqo De Mayo!

Disclosure:  Moe’s provided my travel expenses and hooked me up with some swag for participating in this event.   The opinions expressed are purely my own, and even if I didn’t become part of the Moe’s Blogger Advisory Council, I’d still go to my local Moe’s on a weekly basis!   It’s all in the, “WELCOME TO MOE’S!”

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13 Responses to “Welcome To Moe’s”
  1. Paige Kelley

    I’ve wanted to go to Moe’s forever! But haven’t been able to yet. Would LOVE to try their Billy Barou nachos :)

  2. Rebecca Hines

    The Personal Trainer salad looks like major yum!

  3. Leanne

    It used to be called “I said posse”, now I think it’s called “Insant friend”. My favorite!
    You don’t have to put me in the drawing, just wanted to share. What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing. Now, where’s the closest Moe’s? I’m hungry!!

  4. April

    I would love to try the chicken club Quesadilla. That reaaly sounds good right now

  5. 04.22.2012

    The CloseTalker Salad looks good!

  6. Leighann

    I would try the over achiever taco. I love that they have the option of black beans or tofu instead of meat.

  7. Briann Neeley

    the billy barou nachos look yummy!

  8. Renee

    I would love to eat anything hot and tasty without my kids interuppting my food enjoyment (love ya guys but….)!

  9. 04.22.2012

    I love Moe’s. I love so many items on the menu. I’d order the Personal Trainer salad today though.

  10. sara

    My kids love nachos, so we would order those! The menu looks amazing!

  11. 04.23.2012

    Oh, gee, what a fun time! I love your personal chef’s coat! I am a Fajita’s kind of girl and I would order the Fat Sam on my next visit. Yo Moe’s! Good stuff.

  12. Cassandra

    I’d never heard of Moe’s. I was all sorts of jealous looking at the menu trying to decide what I would order. Out of curiousity I clicked Find a Moe’s – there’s one a mere 12.25 miles away!
    So… *when* I go to Moe’s I am going to try the Funkmeister taco with steak and black beans on a soft flour tortilla. With fresh jalepenos.

  13. 04.24.2012

    I’m a fellow Moe’s lover also and so wish I would have known about this event!! I personally have visited my local Moe’s 77 times as of Monday, as I’m a Moe’s Monday kind of girl. I’m generally there on Wednesday at some point also so my little one can say, “Welcome to Moe’s”, eat free and get a sticker that says so, he loves that sticker!!

    My favorite burrito is:
    Joey Chicken
    Black Beans
    Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions
    A large hand full of Pickled Jalapenos
    Corn Relish
    A crap load of Cilantro
    and Chipotle Ranch drizzled atop, one on the side also please!!

    Bag it up(more chips that way) and head over to the salsa station, where I get three limes(to squeeze over my chips), tree napkins and three to-go ramekins of El Guapo with a dash of their hot sauce on top of all three.

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