What Dads Think

A little while back I was contacted by Jeremy of Discovering Dad about participating in a series called “What Dads Think”. There would be five moms, each with a select topic, and five dads to give their opinion on said topic. Brilliant!

This week that series begins. My friend, OHmommy, kicks it off with “What Dads Think About Honest Communication”.

We want to hear what you think, too! So, please visit Discovering Dad and give your input on these interesting topics.

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4 Responses to “What Dads Think”
  1. 06.30.2008

    What fun!

  2. 06.30.2008

    I like this new layout. Later with the meme thing, though. I have so MUCH work to do right now.

  3. 06.30.2008

    I love your layout!!! Very you….

    I’d add to the discussion but frankly, Mr Coffee and I are both huge communicators. I know….I feel a virtual lynching coming on…. :)

  4. Thanks Mishi! This is going to be a fun series, and I’m so glad you are a part of it! I love your new blog theme here too – awesome, just like your photos!

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