When My Creativity Is Zapped

I hate when I feel like my creativity is zapped.

Everything I write could have been written better by a fourth grader.

Every picture I take looks like crap to me, even if I know it’s not a crappy picture.

Everything that comes out of my kitchen seems totally bland or simple that I wonder where the hell my cooking skills went.

I hate, hate, hate it.


In order to break my creative slump, no matter how heavy and back-breaking the sledge hammer is, I force myself to pick it up and slam it down repeatedly.

*SLAM* I finish my life list. Or I tackle a topic that has been given to me.

*SLAM* I [continue to] take my camera with me, everywhere I go, no matter what (yes, even if it’s my camera phone).

  • I take it to a Tweet Up. Which? Totally my first Tweet Up, ever:

ATL Tweetup-12

  • I take it to a car show, here, in town:


  • I take it to the park while my youngest expends some of his constant energy (and while I’m thinking about it … can I bottle that? because I’m sure I wouldn’t lose any creative spark if I had THAT energy!)

  • I take it to lunch with friends because if I’m not going to be cooking anything super creative I should, at least, capture the awesome appetizer on “film”:

*SLAM* I try new recipes to go with EZPZ ones, even if I’m scared they’ll flop.

Despite doing these things, I still hate that I feel this way, especially as summer comes to an end.


Maybe it’s just the normal cycle of the year? Fall’s soon approaching with winter quickly to follow. Frankly, I always love that time of year the most. There’s a long period of time to prepare for the rebirth of the earth by settling into my home with my family, and I long to feel alive when I go outside where it’s cold and bare; if there’s a way to feel alive it’s in feeling the cold wind on your warm skin. I long to pull out that casserole from the oven because I know it will be seasoned perfectly, comforting everyone with each bite swallowed.

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