Where the Wild Things Are

of us…

Inside all of us is FEAR!

Inside all of us is ADVENTURE!

Inside all of us is a WILD THING!

(beware: this might make you cry)


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7 Responses to “Where the Wild Things Are”
  1. 08.21.2009

    WTWTA…absolutely my kids’ favorite story. Still is!

  2. 08.21.2009

    Where the Wild Things Are: On my back!

  3. 08.22.2009

    I KNOW. And I’m totally excited!

  4. 08.22.2009

    Are my mom and I the only people in this country who HATE this book??? I can’t figure out how they got a whole movie out of it. And the monsters creep me out – they’re totally Creepy Valley, man!

    I’m just hoping my husband takes the kids, if they want to see it. LOL!

  5. I cannot WAIT for this movie! This book was a favorite of mine and my brothers’ as kids and now my kids love it, too. When I saw the preview for it at the HP movie.. I was SOOO excited!!!

  6. 08.24.2009

    The movie looks as though it will be amazing – as is Miss Grace’s back.

  7. 08.24.2009

    This is coming out on my birthday, which means this is what we’ll be doing because everyone has to do what I want on my birthday :)

    I can’t wait.

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