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It’s no secret: I love bags!  I’ve always loved them. There’s even a long standing joke between Michael and myself about the number of purses I own or have owned in the 16 years we have been together.  That being said, I have always  feared that my purse box would mysteriously disappear from where it is stored.  I have that many purses.  And, he has that much disdain over this fact.  But, now, my purse love has turned into camera bag love.  Mostly because I have to take my camera with me [almost] everywhere I go.  Yes, even to Wal-mart!  You never know when there will be some shopping excursion that needs documenting, right?

My first camera bag was, of course, the big Canon bag that could—at the time—house my gear and then some, but now would not even come close to fitting all my equipment.  I soon realized that I needed something smaller and less noticeable (and cooler, too!)  I got a Crumpler.  That bag was just big enough for my XTi with my 24-70mm f/2.8 and my Speedlite.  The last time I opened it up was on Christmas morning of 2009, also known as Christmas 5DMK2!  That bag would prove to be way too small, and I was relegated to carrying my big Canon bag around.  But, that wouldn’t be the best option.  I mean, who wants to roll around town with a big Canon bag on her shoulder?  This would be the end of taking my camera on shopping trips.  Then came an Epiphanie, and her name was Lola.   All was right with the world.

Recently, though, I was sent a beautiful *Kelly Moore Bag to review.  I chose the the yellow messenger style because I have always LOVED that kind of bag.  I wanted something totally different from Lola, and [Mustard Boy -oh- boy] did I get it!

This Kelly Moore Bag is great to take on photo-shoots.  I love how I can easily open the flap and get whatever piece of equipment I need out.  There are two side pockets that are perfect for my cell phone and sunglasses.  There’s a front zipper pocket that is big enough for my hardcase wallet and then two zipper pockets that I keep extra memory cards, batteries, the collapsible lenshood for my 50mm, Lensbaby focus rings, and business cards.  There’s even room for lipstick!   If I had a mini, I would definitely be able to take that with me, too, carrying it in the back pocket.  My laptop actually fits, it’s just too heavy to carry in there since I don’t have one of those lightweight, handy-dandy Macs.    Also, the bag closes with really strong magnets, and I am totally not nervous when I carry and use it.

Oh, and, there are three different styles, with many different colors to choose from; there’s a bag to suit everyone’s taste.

All-in-all, for me, the Kelly Moore Mustard Boy Bog is the perfect addition to my camera bag collection.  I absolutely love its versatility, and when I carry it around with me on shoots (or even just photo walks on, say, Lake Laniere or the fireworks show in Dahlonega) I feel totally professional yet hip, at the same time.

Which brings me to my big news:

I am giving away a Kelly Moore Bag!

However, I AM going to make you work for it!

Here’s what you have to do…

To be entered to win (1) Kelly Moore Bag you can:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me which bag is your favorite. See them all: Here (1 point)
  2. Follow Kelly Moore on Twitter. (2 points)
  3. Join the Kelly Moore Bag Group on Facebook. (2 points)
  4. Submit  a self portrait (a selfy-pee, ya’ll know how I roll) WITH your camera, camera gear, camera bag in the picture; the more creative the better!   Feel free to use your cell phone, your point-and-shoot, your DSLR, or your Diana!  (5 points)

(Make sure you tell me what you’ve done to be entered, in the comments section. Also, in the comments section—if you’ve done #4  just link to your blog post, Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, or where ever you have your submission hosted!)

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for in regards to the selfy-pee:

You have until August 4th to get your picture in, and the winner will be announced on August 5th.  A winner will be chosen at random.

Ready. Set. Shoot.

*Kelly Moore Bag: Watch the video!!

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119 Responses to “I’ll Show You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours”
  1. 07.21.2010

    My heart is going pitter-patter!

  2. 07.21.2010

    the mustard hobo. HANDS DOWN!

  3. 07.21.2010

    Oh. My. Bob. I am in love, love, love with that B-Hobo bag in Teal! Gotta have it!

    I’m following Kelly on Twitter and joined the FB group. As for the “selfy pee” — that’ll happen maybe. LOL!

  4. 07.21.2010

    Honestly the B-Hobo in mustard is TOTALLY my favorite. I have a major mad love thing for bright orange-yellows. I am using a REALLY HEINOUS camera bag right now.

  5. 07.21.2010

    Oh and I joined the FB group and followed on twitter!

  6. 07.21.2010

    Everytime I see a picture of you, I think about how you grow even cuter as each day passes by.

  7. 07.22.2010

    Oooo that boy bag is the bestest EVER!! I soo so so badly want one. So what are the chances here in SA then?
    Oh I follow on Twitter and FB and will link a blog post soon *Crosses all the bits and praying for good luck to come my way*

  8. 07.22.2010

    That bag is soooo groovy I’m coming out of lurkdom to comment. I’m always here looking at your photos and have drooled over you Lola bag in the past … I’ve never seen anything besides boring camera bags here in Oz, but that bag is so damn cute … even in my least favourite colour of yellow.
    I’m only learning to use my lovely second-hand Canon 400d (there’s a long story about how I got my Canon somewhere on my blog/s but the short version is that it was the last birthday present my darling hubby gave me before he died back in march this year).
    Anyhooo… I’m to incompetant to enter the competition but will be watching out for all the entries (in addition to silently admiring your normal photography work :)

  9. 07.22.2010

    I am VERY discerning when it comes to bags. They have to hang right with adjustable straps, they have to carry more than cameras, and they have to have a look of sophistication and yet my husband can carry the bag around on the chance that he borrowed my camera for an event. (I used to have a camera bag that was actually an insulated lunch bag. It had pretty polka dots that embarrassed my husband to carry around.) While the Kelly More Classic bag (in grey) would be my first pick, the boy bag (in that luscious brown) would be the one I actually acquired.

  10. 07.22.2010

    My Fav: Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Black

  11. 07.22.2010

    BTW your hair looks awesome! I love your selfy-pee.

    Aaaand I follow Kelly on twitter and joined the group on facebook.

  12. 07.22.2010

    HOBO. for sure. in any color, because oh my god, LOVE.

    off to take an embarrassing photo now…

  13. 07.22.2010

    Love the Kelly Boy Bag in mustard which I think is the one you reviewed?

    I love that color, plus I have the shoes to match.

  14. 07.22.2010

    O.M.G. LOVE. My favourite is this one: http://kellymoorebag.com/thebags/the-moore-bag-5.html

    I am a Facebook fan and a twitter follower.

    I will take a picture for you tonight.

    I need this bag. Then I can finally be rid of my hideous BACKPACK camera bag.

  15. 07.22.2010

    Oh my!

    LOVE this one:http://kellymoorebag.com/womens/the-moore-bag-2.html

    Joined Facebook Group, Followed on Twitter…
    Will get that picture AFTER soccer and church stuff tonight!! I am with sam. My backpack bag…well…you will see it in the picture, but here is a preview: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/497103-REG/National_Geographic_NG_5159_NG_5159_Earth_Explorer_Small.html

    and no, I have never been on safari!

  16. 07.22.2010

    Ok, I have a selfy-pee I just happened to take yesterday. And funny enough, it does show my camera equipment (which I tagged, in case you can’t tell what is what).

  17. 07.23.2010

    OK – braving an entry here.
    1 red b-hobo bag is defintely my favourite… closely followed by the fuschia classic
    2. &3. followed and joined.
    4. Hmmm. Yes… the portait requirement. Well it’s here: http://corymbia.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/me-and-my-dodgy-camera-bag/ but you’ll notice the only camera equipment is my dodgy camera bag in the background (great black lump of a thing). I’m not technomalogical enough to take a photo that includes the camera I’m using to take the photo with so the bag will have to do….

  18. 07.23.2010

    At the present I don’t have a cool camera bag. In haste I just bought a basic black, over-priced bag when I bought my camera. If I had to pick I would most likely chose the same one you have…funny how our tastes have always been so similar.


    And I already follow, subscribe and stalk! LOL!

  19. I love the classic bag in purple.

  20. I just followed Kelly Moore on twitter – I’m @racheltayse

  21. 07.23.2010

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Cranberry Croc that isn’t even out yet. Like love it, love it. I think I would marry it…and I’m already engaged. (If that bag ever asks, my man would be out on his noodle.) ANYWHO, I also followed Kelly Moore on Twitter. I’m working on the photo…Back soon!

  22. 07.23.2010

    The mustard hobo for sure. I want it. Yesterday. Seriously. Can’t.live.without.it! :)

  23. 07.23.2010

    I am a facebook fan!
    I follow Kelly Moore on twitter!
    Picture to follow soon!

  24. 07.23.2010


    I can’t believe I’m sharing this picture….ugh

  25. 07.23.2010

    Ah.. Finally, a bag that can hold a laptop and camera that doesn’t look like a bulky camera bag.

    I love love the Boy Bag especially in Mustard. But I wouldn’t mind carry Brown either.

  26. 07.23.2010

    I join her Facebook Group and follow her on Twitter (@TheQFamily)

  27. 07.23.2010

    so diggin’ the teal or red hobo bags

  28. 07.23.2010

    following Kelly Moore on twitter!

  29. 07.23.2010

    and already joined her group on FB…
    pic to be posted this weekend :)

  30. 07.23.2010

    FB link done. Twitter link done.
    Choice of bag… now that’s the tough one. I like the Black Messenger, but I think the Fuschia Classic is my first choice :) Photo to follow

  31. 07.23.2010

    Love these bags! I really want the b-hobo in teal or the classic in purple (can’t decide – they are both gorgeous!). I am a twitter follower and joined the facebook group. Thanks!

  32. 07.26.2010

    Now you are *clever*. I couldn’t figure out how to get my camera IN the picture I was taking and I love this one :)

  33. I agree with you on the boy bag in mustard,

  34. Following Kelly on Twitter (Im TxCloverAngel)

  35. Joined the FB page. Thanks!

  36. 07.26.2010

    Oh I love that Kelly Boy Bag in brown but then again I love the Hobo bag in red too!

  37. 07.26.2010

    What a generous giveaway! I follow Kelly and am a member of the group!


  38. 07.26.2010

    Oh, I am loving the hobo bag in red. It would match my shoes & camera gear perfectly!!

  39. 07.26.2010

    #1 I wish I were brave enough to pull off the red hobo, but my pick would be the brown boy bag: http://kellymoorebag.com/full/moore-men-s-bag-2.html

  40. 07.26.2010

    I am now following her on Twitter!!

  41. 07.26.2010

    I am now in her FB group!!

  42. 07.26.2010

    #2 Followed Kelly on Twitter!

  43. 07.26.2010

    #3 Joined Kelly’s Bags on Facebook!!

  44. You know I love these bags. We have talked about it! My heart bursts for not one, but two of the, in particular.

    The Cranberry Crock Classic (http://kellymoorebag.com/womens/the-moore-bag-1.html) makes me cry crocodile tears until my creased eyes are lined with cracked craters. (Because I don’t have it. And I needs it.)

    The Teal Hobo bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/womens/kelly-moore-b-hobo-bag-4.html) inspires me to dance on my tippy toes, but if I had to sleep on park benches in blue underwear covered with nothing but yesterday’s newspaper to get it? I SO WOULD. I REALLY, REALLY WOULD.

    So there.

    I would also answer every email anyone ever sent me. That’s hard to do, you know.


  45. Aaaaaand, I just followed @kellymooreclark on Twitter.


  46. Oh, hai. I also just joined the Kelly Moore Group on Facebook.

    Why, yes, I DO WANT THE BAG.

  47. Doesn’t she? It’s so true. :)

  48. 07.27.2010

    I joined the Facebook group and am following her on Twitter.

  49. 07.27.2010

    While I think the purple bag is yummy, if it came down to REALLT+Y choosing I would pick the classic bag in grey because I would be able to ALWAYS use it as an accessory. Did I mention it would be an uber yummy accessory …. cause it would.

  50. I love the B-Hobo bag in Heather Grey. Love it!!

  51. I now follow Kelly Moore on Twitter

  52. Joined the Kelly Moore facebook group

  53. I’ve never had a camera bag before and love these! I really want the B-hobo in heather grey. Like a lot!

  54. I joined her group on facebook, too! :)


  55. Oooh – I love the cranberry croc bag. PURRRRTYYYY…
    Also following her on Twitter and joined the Facebook group.
    Will consider the selfy pee only because you called it a “selfy pee”. :)

  56. 07.27.2010

    I love the boy bag in brown.

  57. Jeannine

    I love, love, love the Classic bag in Grey! I would love one SO much that:
    1) here is my comment,
    2) have followed her on Twitter, and
    3) I have joined the Kelly Moore bag group on FB
    Thanks for this great chance!

  58. Janny Tran

    i love the classic bag in grey and the kelly boy bag in mustard. they look lovely.


  59. Carla

    I love the Classic Bag in Cranberry Croc!

  60. 07.28.2010

    Fell in love with Kelly Boy Bag | Brown – Seriously elegant!!! :-)

  61. 07.28.2010

    Following @kellymooreclark on Twitter @Adriana1954

  62. 07.28.2010

    Joined the Kelly Moore Bag Group on FB

  63. Grace

    I like the classic black but they are all really attractive. The hobo in grey is nice too.

  64. Mia

    drooling over the messenger bag in brown and mustard!

  65. 07.28.2010

    Definitely the Kelly Boy Bag. I could do any of the colors! I’m grateful for a shot! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. 07.28.2010

    I just joined her FB group! Not a bad one to be followin’ anyway!

  67. Lilac

    I really like the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Black

  68. Lilac

    #1 Follow kellymooreclark on Twitter @3Lilacs

  69. Lilac

    #2 Follow kellymooreclark on Twitter @3Lilacs

  70. Lilac

    #1 Joined Kelly Moore Bag on FB
    Lilac M. P

  71. Lilac

    #2 Joined Kelly Moore Bag on FB
    Lilac M. P

  72. Laura

    my fav is kelly boy bag in the yellow mustard colour. its such a unique colour

  73. 07.28.2010

    I love the B Hobo in the mustard color. I never wanted a mustard colored bag until now.

  74. 07.28.2010

    I also follow Kelly Moore on Twitter AND I joined her Facebook group.

  75. Juli

    LOVE the Hobo bag in Red!

  76. Juli

    I now follow Kelly Moore on Twitter.

  77. Juli

    I now follow Kelly Moore on Twitter. (#2)

  78. Juli

    Joined the Kelly group on FB.

  79. Juli

    Joined the Kelly group on FB. (#2)

  80. JRG

    I like the Kelly Boy Bag.

  81. Keara

    I love the Rich Fuschia bag.

  82. Keara

    I followed Kelly Moore on Twitter

  83. 409cope

    I like the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Cranberry Croc the most.

  84. 409cope

    I follow Kelly Moore on twitter as 409cope.

  85. 409cope

    I like Kelly Moore on facebook.Shari D

  86. 07.28.2010

    Hi There, Thank you for holding this contest! I would really love the purple classic bag!

  87. corey

    I think I’d choose the Kelly Boy Bag in Black.

  88. andie

    I would pick the Kelly Moore Classic bag in grey. Very cute. I like them all.

  89. Amy

    Love the grey hobo!

  90. Marlene V.

    I really like the Kelly Moore Classic Bag | Cranberry Croc [Pre-Order Now will ship: Mid-Late August] — thanks for the chance to win:)

  91. Heidi

    Love the B-Hobo bag in heather grey!

  92. 07.31.2010

    I love the Heather Grey Hobo! :)

    Following KMB on FB and on Twitter. Yay!

    And here’s my photo: http://www.facebook.com/megtisdale#!/photo.php?pid=33220466&id=49710181&ref=album

  93. Amy

    1. I love the grey hobo
    2. I follow on Twitter
    3. I follow on Facebook
    4. Here is the link to my picture…http://www.flickr.com/photos/52286402@N03/?saved=1
    My equipment is just my canon rebel, my 50mm (I also have the kit lens), and my strap that I got for my birthday.

  94. Amy

    hmmm. Lets try the link again http://www.flickr.com/photos/52286402@N03/?saved=1
    Not sure how to make it clicky?

  95. Maria E

    I heart the Kelly Boy bag (in brown, please). :0)

  96. Maria E

    ….and I just joined the Kelly Moore fb page. :0)

  97. 08.01.2010

    I would choose the exact same one you have.

    If I could follow her twice on twitter I could (so I followed her once.)

    I feel like a cool kid in the Kelly Moore facebook group.

    And here’s my selfy-pee of my point and shoot taking a picture of my camera taking a picture of me with my (frumpy albeit functional) LowePro bag.


    I believe that makes me a perfect 10.

  98. Kathy

    i like thr B-Hobo bag in red – quite an inspiring colour

  99. 1. The Kelly Moore Classic Bag in purple!
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Uh, working on it. Kind of.

  100. DavidR

    I, too, would love the Kelly Boy in mustard but I think stains would show so I’d go with the brown (so sick of black bags).

  101. 08.03.2010

    1. i love the brown boy bag, but i wonder if it would be too big.
    2. following on twitter.
    3. following on facebook.

  102. 08.04.2010

    I bought her classic style when it first came out and quickly went out and got a pair of shoes to match… Now I would love one in the hobo style… or maybe one like yours… or maybe both. :)

    I follow her on twitter and facebook.

    And here’s a shot of ‘ma shoes and ‘ma bag: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hebertcourt/4859809230/

  103. 08.04.2010

    I’m too sexy for the lame ole backpack :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/33969536@N03/4860510448/

  104. 08.04.2010

    Personally I LOVE the Kelly Moore classic bag in grey! But this one would be nice considering I have a toddler and preschooler – lots of room in this one for all kids of kid and mommy stuff!

  105. 08.04.2010

    Also following on twitter and just joined the Facebook page!…… I want this bag! LOL

  106. 08.04.2010

    1.I love the Hobo Bag in Heather Grey! It’s the perfect fall bag that will go with everything! 2. I am now a friend of Kelly Moore on FB and after a year of silence on twitter, 3.- I am back in the game and following Kelly Moore. Last but not least, 4. photo of me and with my gear…http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/tF8_70WTjGgK-TzZfp_m5w?feat=directlink

  107. 08.04.2010

    Ack! I keep forgetting about the picture! This is my last.chance. I will try to do it today!!

  108. 08.04.2010

    1. the gray hobo bag has me drooling
    2. i have joined her facebook page
    3. i am following her on twitter
    4. bah humbug, i wont have time to get this anywhere. boo hiss! (pick me anyway?)

  109. 08.04.2010


    whew! just under the wire. that’s number 4 for a big 5 points!

  110. Amy

    Did I miss who won?

  111. MariaV

    1. I like the black Kelly Boy Bag.
    2. I’m following her on twitter (mdvshutterbug)
    3. I joined her Bag Group

    Thank you for the contest.

  112. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest ‘

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