Winter’s Day Aftermath




I was taking out some garbage the other day and spotted this incredible sky.  The sun was low, setting quickly, and a series of storms had passed.  I dropped the garbage off and ran in to get my camera.  I loved the way the warm light was hitting the garage, so I had to include it in the shot.

This image is straight-out-of-camera and I love when a SOOC image is as good as it could get; manual mode simply rocks!

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11 Responses to “Winter’s Day Aftermath”
  1. 01.10.2009

    Beautiful! I have searched tonight, and haven’t found anything that speaks to me of this theme. I’m giving up and going to bed early. I think I need some sleep. have a great weekend.

  2. 01.10.2009

    Absolutely stunning! Wow. I love everything about this, especially how the light just does it’s own awesome little thing.

  3. 01.10.2009

    Absolutely love the angle of the shot!

  4. 01.10.2009

    The sky looks like painted – just beautiful! :)

  5. 01.10.2009

    That is beautiful !! We had rain today – to cool the very hot weather we’ve been having and took a few pics which I will download – but need to say thanks for your comment on Jeanette’s blog. Infuriating little ‘sausage pie’ – he just won’t say ‘Granny’ !! – and I have tried to make it simple – “say Gwanny … Ganny … Gan …” …. maybe next week !?

  6. 01.10.2009

    I love sky shots! I’ve been trying to take more myself. I’m jealous though (always of your ability) but also of the fact that you are still getting storms!! I live for storms and not the kind with ice and snow like we get here in the winter!

  7. 01.10.2009

    Beautiful picture! I love sky shots as well. I took one the other day, then when I downloaded them I realized I was taking them through the windshield of my car…which was filthy! Runied the pictures. *Sigh* I am definately learning something everyday.

  8. 01.10.2009


  9. 01.10.2009

    Wow, what a sky! I like the garage in it too. Such a great perspective.

  10. 01.11.2009

    that is totally gorgeous

  11. 01.11.2009

    Lovely! Capturing moments like this is an on-going hope of mine. I shared a ‘rose collage’ on Saturday for this Photo Hunt theme.
    Hugs and blessings,

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