Without Further Ado

(The credits are screwy, but that’s not my fault (for serious.) When I look back at it, everything’s cool. When I play it, I see glitches and missing letters. Whatev!)

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20 Responses to “Without Further Ado”
  1. 04.10.2009

    LOVED it!!! love your vee-log. that was more fun to watch than oprah!!

  2. 04.10.2009

    OMG! I LOVED it. That was so awesome.

    Best vlog EVER!

  3. 04.10.2009

    That was AWESOME. I really, really hope you do that again! I was giggling when you were making dinner…seriously, I loved seeing this side of you!

  4. 04.10.2009

    Super cute, Mishelle! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately…how are you doing?

  5. 04.10.2009

    Love it! You’re adorable, and you should totally keep vlogging.

    Side note: what did you use to create it? I might be able to offer insight on the missing letters.

  6. 04.10.2009

    you are SOOOOOO cute

  7. 04.11.2009

    Hee-larious! Your convesation with your kid while cooking dinner, sounded very familiar. Adorable!

  8. 04.11.2009

    LOL, I love it!! I’d actually LOVE to meet you IRL one day

  9. 04.11.2009

    I loved this video!! So cool to see those homely scenes!

  10. 04.11.2009

    I hope you all know that I’m really looking forward to making my next Vlog-Vee Log-Video Blog!

  11. 04.11.2009

    omg. you made me lol. i think your family must just absolutely love living with you! please do more!! :)

  12. 04.11.2009

    I just about died over your – be nice to your mom, she wiped your butt – comment. That’s a great one. I’m going to borrow it. Your video made me laugh and confirmed that you do indeed have the great, funky, off-beat personality that I thought you did. Loved it. :)

  13. Totally. Completely. BEYOND nommable.

    I love you now more than before.

  14. PJ

    total.mishi. Hahaha You always crack me up! I felt like I was right there with you. And the Rick Astley lip syncing dance off. Only you cuz! I’d be curious to see you guys do 99 Luftballons by Nena next. hehehe Can’t wait for the next vee log installment….

  15. 04.11.2009

    You are so awesome. Never Gonna Give You Up, indeed, Ms. So-Crates-Lane. Mwah! More vlogs!

  16. 04.12.2009

    I love your eyebrow raise you do at the “you want the Internet to know you’re talking ugly to you mom?” LOVE IT

    Great song to sing along to; can’t wait ’til we can sing it together!


    Oooooh you are trouble!
    <3 you Mish! Want to see more!

  17. 04.13.2009

    Oh, you courageous lady! I loved seeing you in all your goofiness. I’ve thought of vlogging, too, but every time I turn on the video camera, I talk about the weather. You, on the other hand, are terribly cute.

  18. Becky (Beckah(

    Mishi-I LOVED IT!!!!!! Totally loved the part about he butt wiping! lol

  19. 04.16.2009

    absolutely brilliant…i am laughing (probably counts for all 15 adult laughs) and feeling more hopeful today…thank you very much. and your photography is beyond stunning…thank you for the inspiration.

  20. 05.28.2009


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