Woody’s Barber Shop *Updated: I Won!*

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17 Responses to “Woody’s Barber Shop *Updated: I Won!*”
  1. 09.21.2010

    LOVE this!

  2. 09.21.2010

    What a cool shot! This is one of those that I just have to say, wow.

  3. 09.21.2010

    I just love this shot!! What a story it tells!!

  4. 09.22.2010

    I love this shot! The different generations, the clear details. Wow is right.

  5. 09.23.2010

    I love that picture! All of the old men + the young boy – perfect.

  6. 09.23.2010

    Congrats! You are a finalist in the September 2010 Greeblepix Photo Contest!

  7. I love that you take Mickey Mikey to the barbershop.

  8. 09.23.2010

    Oh, do I remember trips to the Barber shop on 26th street when I was a kid. I remember Bob, the barber and his ‘other guy’, whose haircuts were never as good as Bob’s. And I remember the smell. There’s an after shave I wear, now, called “Clubman”, by Pinaud. It is the exact smell of the talcum powder that gave the barber shop its unique and special place in my memory of smells. Whenever I splash it on my face … for a moment, I’m twelve again, with a buck clenched tightly in my hand as I sit in the barber chair while Bob, moustache and all, cuts my hair.

  9. 09.24.2010

    This is so old school and awesome. Great shot. Please also know that I explained to someone the other day while I was taking a picture and adjusting just right that I was trying to think, “what would Mishi do to make this shot awesome?” I haven’t been around/commenting, but you have inspired me in a way that will always remain.

  10. 09.24.2010

    CONGRATS! You are the September 2010 Greeblepix Winner!

  11. 09.24.2010

    super fun!! New blog if you want to come for a little visit!

  12. 10.03.2010

    I love that some day Mikey might have a memory like this, of Woody’s!

  13. 01.31.2011

    Super fun shot!

  14. jessica

    GREAT SHOT! It’s like a snapshot of Dahlonega life. People come back to this barber shop for YEARS after they have left the school :) Great picture!

  15. Michael

    We bring the boys here for their haircuts all the time. I love how they will remember this old place when they’ve grown up.

  16. 05.06.2011

    They’re actually up there today, getting their Barbershop on!

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