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32 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”
  1. 09.17.2008

    Love the angle (you really got yourself down to the ground!), it’s a great shot for WW!

  2. 09.17.2008

    Great Pic, definately kicks me in the butt to stop ignoring the artistic side in taking photos!

  3. 09.17.2008

    Wow. You worked to get that pic! Nice angle, nice concept.

  4. 09.17.2008

    This is just awesome. I get that it’s grooves on metal on the ground, but I keep thinking of waffles. Which leads to thoughts of whipped cream, which soon gives way to thoughts of… Anyway, this is very cool.

  5. 09.17.2008

    Excellent shot. I love the angle of the photo. Happy WW

  6. 09.17.2008

    As I scrolled back over the photo in my reader, I realize that it clearly says “sewer” and that my last comment is idiotic and makes zero damn sense. Once waffles get on the brain, it’s tough to make them leave, though. Just saying.

  7. 09.17.2008

    Absolutely stunning!

  8. 09.17.2008

    Ooh, now THAT’S a great image – LOVE it!

  9. 09.17.2008

    Great shot, Mishi. An amazing abstraction of a mundane, everyday item. You do know, don’t you, that most sewer covers are made at the Neenah Foundry, in Wisconsin, and much of the metal comes from melted guns?

  10. 09.17.2008

    Cool shot!! Hi Mishi :-)

  11. 09.17.2008

    Great photo, always love your work.

  12. 09.17.2008

    Very nice!

  13. 09.17.2008

    always a fan of the low angle shot! Nice!!!!!

  14. 09.17.2008

    Only you could made a sewer cap look so freaking cool..

  15. 09.17.2008

    I like the picture but can’t see what it represents !

  16. 09.17.2008
  17. 09.17.2008

    that, my dear, is a BEAUTIFUL photo of an ordinary item. i envy you your amazing vision.

  18. 09.17.2008

    You really love your art, because you do anything to achieve the shot.
    Love LCeel’s input on the making of them, I know right where that foundry is, my parents live on that street.

  19. 09.17.2008

    What a beautiful image of something generally ignored. You must have got down and dirty to get that shot :)

  20. Jana

    I’m so jealous I don’t have your eye!

  21. 09.17.2008

    I know what it is! What a clever shot. WOW how did you come up with that????? Okay, I could go on like that. Love you photograph, love you for sharing it. :)

  22. 09.17.2008

    Oh! Oh! Again, you exceed my expectations. :) Nice!

  23. 09.17.2008

    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing – what a great photo/neat angle. The texture is interesting, too.

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  24. 09.17.2008

    Very cool!

  25. 09.17.2008

    Wonderful. The beauty in the every day.

  26. 09.17.2008

    Wonderful. The beauty in the every-day.

  27. Oh, nice picture. And I envy your willingness to get down to that angle for the shot. I would just say “Eh, too much work.”.

  28. 09.17.2008

    Wow, that is a great shot! Very cool.

  29. 09.17.2008

    I wanna see a pic of your knees.

    Nice angle. Do you have photographer’s knees? All scratched and bruised, like me?

  30. 09.18.2008

    I love the angle and view of this shot. You are so clever in choosing your subjects. I would have never thought to capture this :)

  31. sarah-jane

    fabulous! what we give for a good shot…

  32. This is crazy awesome.

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