Wordless Wednesday

Scenes From a Coffeeshop


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22 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”
  1. love the angle in the last one. and the selective green. i am usually not a big fan of selective color, but it works here.
    Happy WW!

  2. 09.24.2008

    That last one is pure awesome, and not just because it involves coffee or your pretty daughter, but the way you put it together and did what ever you did. OK, the subjects help, too.

  3. 09.24.2008

    Great shots! I have a question about the last one, I have seen this effect before, but was not sure how you accomplished it. Please enlighten me!

  4. 09.24.2008

    Your pictures are amazing!! I miss Starbucks!!

  5. 09.24.2008

    I almost didn’t do the spot color on the last one, b/c of how the green bled into the white letters. But, I occasionally like to use this technique. It was written about on Photo Bliss (Blissfully Domestic) recently, and she did a great job re-explaining it, and even clueing me in to some short cuts. Hope this helps:


    This is MY favorite that I’ve ever done:

  6. 09.24.2008

    I love those last two! The second one from the bottom is just so unique. It’s definitely not a shot I would have seen in the moment but it so works!

  7. Love the shots! The pic of the cup by itself with just (your daughter’s?) knees and hands in it is beautiful. I really like it…

    (Heh – and my Canon SD1000 has a “cheater” option on it where I can select a color to achieve a look like that of your last shot and see it as it will appear through the view finder. Gotta love Canon!)

  8. 09.24.2008

    Cool shots. Mmmm, coffee!

  9. 09.24.2008

    Nice photos!

    Proud grandma!

  10. 09.24.2008

    Love the scenes, desperate for some starbucks now need someone to feed my coffee need….
    Happy WW
    My WW

  11. 09.24.2008

    Yum.. when are we going for coffee?

    I love the last shot. Liv is such a good model, and you are an amazing photographer, Mishi.

  12. 09.24.2008

    I love the second one … it’s a great ad photo that you might want to send it to Starbucks :-).

  13. 09.24.2008

    Nissa, we must… soon!!

  14. 09.24.2008

    Great shots! I especially like the first Starbucks one — so cool.

  15. 09.24.2008

    Wonderfully interesting photo perspectives! I learn every time I visit you … though suspect I’ll never catch up ;–0
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. 09.24.2008

    I think I’m a color person. I like the first ones together. Who is more important the child or the coffee. Some morings the coffee wins. :) All of them are interesting shots. Have a good day.

  17. 09.24.2008

    Those are beautiful shots. Hard pressed to pick a favorite. I love the softness of the first shot. The second one looks like it should be an ad in an upscale magazine. The angle and selective color in the last shot are awesome. all very nice. :D

  18. 09.24.2008

    Oh starbucks, you make me so want an afternoon pick me up. :)

  19. 09.24.2008

    wish we got Starbucks in this country!

  20. Man. Now I feel the NEED to get a tall chai iced tea latte. I need it.

  21. 09.24.2008

    I love the last one. Now I feel the need for Starbucks lol

  22. 09.24.2008

    Beautiful Michelle, you’re such an inspiration to me, did you know that?

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