Year in Review*

January 2009

My Six Kids

February 2009

Lisa II

March 2009

Me for You

April 2009

Our Easter Eggs

May 2009

Sewing Glasses

June 2009

Sadie Girl Lane

July 2009

City Flare

August 2009

Little Hands Do Big Things

September 2009

We're Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet

October 2009

Sunset with his Son

November 2009

Tiny Words

December 2009

*There’s no rhyme or reason for picking the pictures I did.  I thought that each picture represented the month dulyI’m still thinking about the goals I want to set in 2010.  I’m still trying to put some words together to describe what 2009 meant to me.

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6 Responses to “Year in Review*”
  1. 01.01.2010

    Love the images you’ve chosen for this post :)

  2. Jana

    Absolutely amazing, as always! Happy New Year Mishi!

  3. each one….amazing. :) WOW!

  4. awesome shots!

  5. 01.02.2010

    Aww… Sadie, such a wonderful face. I love March and all your self-portraits. Fabulous shots, every one.

  6. 01.05.2010

    Damn, but I love all those photos you’ve included here. Of course, that’s not saying a whole lot since I seem to love all of your photos. ‘Cause you rule!

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