You. are. of Love.

Dearest Piper,

I hope this collaborative shows you how much you are being supported and held up during this trying time. A time that I am so sorry you are going through.

No matter where my light shines, know that it’s shining on you.
No matter how my light travels, know that it’s keeping pace with you.
No matter how bright or dim, know that it will supplement you.
We are beams of lights, intersected.


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If you want to show your love, sign the linky so Piper can see!


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14 Responses to “You. are. of Love.”
  1. Love you Piper!

    and Love you Mishi!

  2. 04.28.2010


  3. Jodi

    I’m sure Piper is able to feel all this love…how could one not? She IS loved so very much!

    And thank you for the link back to 2008…it made me realize who I am.

  4. 04.28.2010

    I stalk you a lot… I watched this earlier while waiting for the CRCT to be over. I cried.

    It means a lot to know people have your back…good or bad…up or down. And the sheer love here is truly touching.

  5. 04.28.2010


  6. 04.28.2010

    *sniffs* thank you, for all the love, for listening, for everything. I love you SO much!

  7. Mish, I loves you

  8. 04.28.2010

    mishi…you are such a dear. i’m glad you’re my friend.

    and piper…i’m available via dm anytime. you know i’m cheering you on.

  9. Piper I hope you’re feeling the love. You are an AMAZING WONDERFUL person and there is SO much love for you out here.

  10. 04.28.2010

    Red hair rocks, or at least it used to on my head. My son has now picked up the torch. Thinking of you Piper.

  11. 04.30.2010

    I read about this on Angie’s page. It’s so sweet to support someone like this. I am so sorry your heart is broken.

  12. 05.02.2010

    <3 I knew nothing of Piper until my best friend asked to guestpost this video on my blog last week. Such a beautiful thing you are all doing, and much love to Piper.

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