“You blog; I do luggage.”

Meet Mario. He does luggage. And he’s damn good at it.

My flight didn’t leave until 4:47pm on Sunday.  Because of this I had the pleasure of walking around Chi-town with Tara and Heather.  *Lou was taking both Tara and I to the airport, so it was only natural that we hang.   I was thrilled because I didn’t have a chance to do that with either.  It was special and I look forward to getting to know these two friends more.

Back to Mario:

I had my bags with me, as I was checked out, Sunday morning.  Luckily the Sheraton offers a service where they will hold your bags.  I had three…my big suitcase, the swag [that I just got and didn’t get in fights for] duffle bag, and my laptop.  Mario proceeded to attach a tag to my main suitcase.

“Ummm shouldn’t we put one on each bag? I mean, what if they get lost?”

“No; one will do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Look.  You blog; I do luggage. I’m sure!”

And sure enough when I came back my bags were intact.  None were lost.   After all, I had Mario to handle things.

*Lou — He who will have one whole post dedicated to his kindness!


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14 Responses to ““You blog; I do luggage.””
  1. 07.29.2009

    Hee hee, “You blog; I do luggage.”
    Sorta makes me wonder how many times he laid that line down over the weekend! He’s ADORABLE! :)


  2. 07.29.2009

    HAHAHA! I remember laughing SO hard and thinking DAY-UM when he said that to you but it was so hilarious.
    I’m SO glad that I got to spend time with you & that I am no longer a Chipotle virgin ;)

    can’t wait to get to know you more!


  3. 07.29.2009

    OMG – I LOVED Mario.

    He busted his butt getting my bags because I was sure I would miss my shuttle. Then I ran out and it wasn’t there yet so I ran in and tipped him properly.

    But anyway…I am sooooooo bummed we didn’t hang this weekend. I feel like I spent half the conference trying to meet you!

  4. That is fantastic! Love it. Great pic honey.

  5. 07.29.2009

    LOL!! Love that!! I think I’m going to use that

  6. 07.29.2009

    I loved those bellhop dudes. They were awesome. I wanna see your pics of the 704 swag stuffing madness.

  7. 07.29.2009

    I have heard some great things about the staff at Sheraton! Glad he got to be included!

  8. 07.29.2009

    I was in stitches when he said that. I loved the expression on his face too. He was awesome.

    Hanging with you and Heather was wonderful. You both are such lovely ladies. I had a great time.

  9. 07.30.2009

    I remember when you came over and told us what he had said. It was funny then – it’s still funny now. And yes – you DO blog.

  10. 07.30.2009

    I miss you. That is all.

  11. 07.30.2009

    Still thinking about how sad it was to say goodbye to you. You are one of my most favorite humans.

  12. 07.30.2009

    Cool snap. Mario looks like a cool guy, too. Next time I’m in Chi-town, I’ll have to look for him at the Sheraton!

  13. He was so friggin nice. I did valet/luggage at the Disney hotel where I worked back in the olden days, but I was never that nice.

  14. 08.06.2009

    That is a great line, if you do a job do it well. You should already have a sturdy luggage tag on you bags anyway, especially on your laptop. A sturdy leather strapped tag with your name and number is great and will put your mind at ease.

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