“You know the kind of song that will get you high?”

Sitting at the airport waiting on a second flight My Epiphanie Bag & Carry-on
@ Gino's Sears Tower (whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?)
Lights of Chicago 777

“Look at you, look at you… Fly…”

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9 Responses to ““You know the kind of song that will get you high?””
  1. 03.19.2010

    I love your pictures :) So beautiful!

  2. 03.19.2010

    I am so glad we got to hang out for a while. And I gotta get me a Lens Baby.

  3. 03.19.2010

    This is a beautifully eclectic collection.

  4. 03.19.2010

    Okay. Dude. Those photographs. You are such an incredible photographer. And what eyes you have to compose those glimpses of life. Inspiring and humbling all at the same time. :-)

    And a Dave Matthews tune on top of it all? You’re a new hero of mine. :-)

    Happy Friday!


  5. 03.19.2010

    Stunning photos from the trip!

  6. J

    Makes me wish I could have stowed away in your luggage!

  7. Love. Love. Love.

  8. 03.20.2010

    these photos are gorgeous! And seeing Lola makes my day! :) Thanks!

  9. Oh girl I love this.


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