“Za Mnogu Godini.”

We have always celebrated Christmas on the 25th, New Year’s Eve on December 31st, and New Year’s Day on January 1st.

Being Orthodox meant we also celebrated Christmas on January 7th, New Year’s Eve on January 13th, and New Year’s Day on January 14th.

Double the holidays, double the fun!

One of the many traditions that I love is one where a coin would be hidden in a baked good on New Year’s Eve. Whomever found the coin, in their piece, would have extra good luck for the whole new year.

Growing up my grandmother hid the coin in her savory spinach strudel (called zelnik.)

My mother, however, hid the coin, in the one she would make for us, in Baklava.  That was the way my father’s family did it.

Every year it was always so exciting to see who would get the coin.

This year, I wanted to make sure to carry on the tradition.

I went back and forth about what I should hide the coin in.

Then I decided to merge this old Macedonian tradition with a Southern tradition.


“Za mnogu godini.”

This is a constant greeting around the Christmas and New Year holidays.   It’s literal meaning is “For many years”, but it means much more than that.  Within that one wish there are wishes for health, happiness, love, prosperity, and everything and anything good that can possibly come one’s way.

It just so happens to be Delurking Day.  And this post is way late today, so consider it Delurking Weekend, yo!

Thanks to Aimee for reminding me and to Rude Cactus for dreaming it up!

I’d love it if you delurked and let me know that you read this little ole blog of mine.

That way I could wish you “Za mnogu godini” personally!

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14 Responses to ““Za Mnogu Godini.””
  1. 01.14.2011


    Please say I will see you this year. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WOMAN, I HAVE TO SEE YOU.

  2. 01.14.2011

    Za mnogu godini, my dear friend!

    Yes, we will see each other in 2011. I feel it in my bones (and my heart!)

  3. 01.14.2011


    Jealous…I want…

  4. 01.14.2011

    Za mnogu godini, lovely you!

  5. 01.14.2011

    “Za mnogu godini” to you and yours Mishi.

  6. 01.14.2011

    Za mnogu godini, Tara! XOXO

  7. 01.14.2011

    Not exactly delurking, but just joining your fabulous party at the 11th hour.

    Za Mnogu godini to you, my new friend.

  8. 01.14.2011

    New friends are the best! Za mnogu godini, dear! <3

  9. 01.14.2011

    Hey lady – the cookies I made with milk chocolate chips and crunchy peanut butter were divine. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  10. 01.14.2011

    Za mnogu godina, sweet friend!

  11. 01.15.2011

    I’m so glad you made them! Za mnogu godini! :)

  12. 01.15.2011

    Za mnogu godini! So sreka, radost, lubov, i sej najubavo!

  13. Delicious.

    Can I delurk a day late? I promise to try and lurk less.

    Za mnogu godini!

  14. 01.16.2011

    How fun is the cornbread business! Well crap. You already know I’m a lurker Miss Mishelle! I wanna delurk on my site. Is it too late? *wink*

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